1. How do you Pair the ring to a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y?

    You can easily pair the ring to your Tesla or Teslas yourself.  We have a video guide.

  2. How do you use the Ring?
    Because we are using the existing antenna and RFID chip from the Model 3 key card, we are limited by the range of the antenna included. This means that the ring will need to be very close to the censor on the car. We recommend having the ring right at the knuckle, touching the car if possible, or taking the ring off to place against the sensor.

    *If the sensor doesn’t recognize the ring on the first approach, it helps to move the ring at least 12 inches from the censor before trying again.

  3. How long for delivery?

    The rings are very popular right now. As they are all hand-made by one person it can take a 3 to 6 weeks for the ring to ship after payment. (Please allow for extra time during the pandemic.)

  4. Is there any warranty or guarantee?

    The Rings are made to be waterproof and strong.  That said, the ring does have delicate electronics in and it is possible to break with too much force.  It can also be damaged from extreme temperatures.  We will guarantee the ring to work for at least 30 days after receiving it under normal usage.  It is not recommend to wear the ring when doing construction or intense yard work.   We do offer a 25% discount on ring replacements after the 30 days.

  5. Can you make a custom color?

    Yes just send an email to ring@teslatrip.com

  6. Do you have the best wife ever?